Running the Wrong Race

Being born into something can be likened to that race where you have a team of runners who pass a baton to each other after each runner completes his portion of the race. For the most part, when each runner receives the baton, he knows exactly what to do with… Read more

A Glimpse of a Little Piece of Heaven

Timothy Keefer is chief counsel for civil rights and civil liberties for the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). His journey to Orthodoxy began at the age of 11 when he asked his mother for a “real” book to read. She gave him a copy of Robert Massie’s “Nicholas… Read more

Christianity as a Form of Therapy

A journalist is defined in many ways. One of the best definitions would have to be someone who places the public good above all else and uses certain methods-the foundation of which is a discipline of verification- to gather and assess what he or she finds. The story of journalist… Read more

How Three Visions led a Jew to Christianity

Among the many converts to Orthodox Christianity was the Jewish rabbi, Paul Fotiou, from the Hebrew community of Arta in Greece, who converted from Judaism and was baptized as an Orthodox Christian together with his family. The Archimandrite Nektarios Ziampolas shared his own introduction to the extraordinary story of the rabbi’s… Read more

Divine Companionship

A friend can be many things. A confidant, a comforter, a keeper of secrets, someone who can pick you up when you feel down. This person is happy when you are happy, sad when you are sad and can lend a shoulder for you to cry on. A friend can… Read more

A Service that Engaged all Her Senses

Dot Lombardi’s journey to Orthodoxy spans just over half a century, 52 years to be exact. Having been raised as a Lutheran, Dot’s early Christian influence came from her choir director mom (who inspired Dot’s love of all kinds of church music) and a Congregational dad who was somewhat ambivalent… Read more

St. Matthew’s to St. Aidan’s

Like so many sojourners to the Orthodox faith, Mary Hoyland grew up as a regular attendee at church. By the time she became an adult, however, the responsibilities of marriage and raising a young family would come to hamper her ability to remain consistent in her church attendance aside from the… Read more

Like Stepping Back in Time

Vicki Jones doesn’t think the story of her conversion to Christian Orthodoxy is a particularly entertaining one, but, as any convert knows, conversion to Orthodoxy is a personal journey. The “seed” to search for where we came from and where we belong is God given within each one of us. At some… Read more

The Early Church Preserved Throughout the Ages

Nerissa McCanmore had been going through a long, tiresome spiritual journey like many many people who’ve been through many denominations before coming to Orthodoxy. she was raised in South Bend, Indiana as a Nazarene, a Holiness sect with the doctrine of total sanctification, but without the extremes of another Holiness sect,… Read more

Arriving at the Ground Zero of Christianity

When Fr David Wooten talks with people “who knew me when” — during his first twenty years of life as an Evangelical Protestant — He usually is met with a variety of reactions when he tells them that, in the middle of his time at one of the nation’s foremost… Read more