When Questions Yield No Answers

This is the story of Alana in answer to the question asked of all converts to the Orthodox faith: how did you become Orthodox? Alana’s story begins in childhood and being raised in a non-denominational home by parents who loved and served God above all else. Having grown up in… Read more

A Glimpse of a Little Piece of Heaven

Timothy Keefer is chief counsel for civil rights and civil liberties for the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). His journey to Orthodoxy began at the age of 11 when he asked his mother for a “real” book to read. She gave him a copy of Robert Massie’s “Nicholas… Read more

Like Stepping Back in Time

Vicki Jones doesn’t think the story of her conversion to Christian Orthodoxy is a particularly entertaining one, but, as any convert knows, conversion to Orthodoxy is a personal journey. The “seed” to search for where we came from and where we belong is God given within each one of us. At some… Read more

The Early Church Preserved Throughout the Ages

Nerissa McCanmore had been going through a long, tiresome spiritual journey like many many people who’ve been through many denominations before coming to Orthodoxy. she was raised in South Bend, Indiana as a Nazarene, a Holiness sect with the doctrine of total sanctification, but without the extremes of another Holiness sect,… Read more

I Want to be Orthodox Because I Must

When I first left an Orthodox service I wanted to have nothing do with it. I told my friend who introduced me to Orthodoxy that it was “superstitious nonsense”. But the months that followed did not let me get the service out of my mind. I started to research the… Read more

A Journey from Good to Better

The church has always been the center of the life that Carolyn and I have lived. We were both raised in nominally Christian homes but rejected the church in our teen years… After flirting with godlessness, we both became Christian in our 20’s at one of Seattle’s growing mega-churches. We… Read more

Protestant Church Worker goes “East”

I never would have imagined that I would be Eastern Orthodox. Like many Christians in America, I didn’t know much about Eastern Orthodoxy for most of my life. Even as a history major, Orthodoxy was taught in a very limited fashion. I knew there were Catholics—I was baptized in that… Read more