Old Ladies and Gold Filigree

I was raised an evangelical christian and lived the evangelical life for almost forty years. I’m an AWANA citation winner and bible college graduate, so I know my Bible. I’m moral and my failings aren’t publicly visible. I didn’t even drink until my mid-thirties. I went on missions trips all… Read more

The Day I Came Home

by Helen Eastman It was late, dark and raining.  I was alone driving.  Tears were streaming down my face such that I had to wipe them away so I could see through the windshield between the slapping of the wipers.  I was on my way home from visiting my first… Read more

God Speaks, Do We Really Listen?

The Early Years… I was born into the Orthodox faith, so you might think it gave me a big advantage.  After all, being a third generation Greek American required no search on my part for a religion.  The language, the Divine Liturgy, the 10 Commandments, the 7 Sacraments, Traditions, Holy… Read more