Feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

While living in Myra in the flesh, * thou wast myrrh in truth, as anointed with the sweet spiritual
myrrh, * O our Father Nicholas, august High Priest of Christ; * and with sweet myrrh dost thou
anoint * the faces of those who * ever keep with faith and love thine honored memory, * ending
their misfortunes and perils, * freeing them from every affliction, * by thine intercessions with the
Lord of all. – Hymn from Great Vespers for St. Nicholas. 

  • Tuesday, Dec. 5th. 6:30 pm. Great Vespers with Litya (Blessing of Loaves, wheat, wine, and oil.)
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6th. 6:00 am. Orthros and Divine Liturgy.