6th-11th Century References to St. George

1. Theodosius, The Topography of the Holy Land 4 Writing c.518, a certain Theodosius, about whom nothing more is known, describes the famous shrine of St. George at Diospolis. The text is dated by its references to the Emperor Anastasius (491-518). Text: From Emmaus to Diospolis it is twelve miles,… Read more

A Vision of the Great Martyr George in Glory

by Theodotus, Bishop of Ancyra in Galatia (d. 430) It came to pass in the time of the God-loving Emperor Theodosius of glorious memory that on the first day of his reign he saw a marvellous thing, he saw Saint George come from heaven with great glory and the archangel… Read more

St. George: Saint for the Desperate

In the Middle East, St George is regarded as a saint of asylum, a protector of the desperate. Nesrine Malik Guardian.co.uk Friday 23 April 2010 The question: What do we want from St George? Not only was St George not of white English, or even European, extraction, he is also… Read more

Miracles of St. George…to Muslims!

This great little article shows that the saints love everyone, and help all. Even among Muslims, who don’t even have saints, the knowledge that the Christian saint,  the Greatmartyr George of Lydda, helps those who ask him, brings thousands to ask his aid and intercession. And he responds swiftly to… Read more