Archpastoral Message Of Metropolitan Gerasimos, on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Video link Here: Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, This weekend is the Third Sunday of Great and Holy Lent, when our Church presents to all of us for veneration the most Precious Cross of Our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. The Church places the Cross before us… Read more

A Dog’s Best Friend

I would like to suggest that dogs are perhaps the greatest things humans have ever accomplished. If my understanding is correct, dogs are essentially gray wolves, or directly descended from a wolf species, beginning somewhere between 60,000 to 100,000 years ago. At some point they were domesticated by us and used… Read more

Holy Week Schedule April 5th -12th, 2015

  Dear Brothers and Sisters,   The schedule for our Holy Week and Pascha Services is as follows:   Palm Sunday. 6pm-  Bridegroom Matins Holy Monday. 6pm-  Bridegroom Matins Holy Tuesday. 6pm-  Bridegroom Matins Holy Wednesday. 9am- Presanctified LIturgy; 6pm- Holy Unction  Holy Thursday. 9am- Vesperal Liturgy of the Mystical Supper; 6pm, Service of the Twelve… Read more

Feast of Dormition

“O pure Virgin, thou hast won the honour of victory over nature by bringing forth God; yet like thy Son and Creator, thou hast submitted to the laws of nature in a manner above nature. Therefore, dying thou hast risen to live eternally with thy Son.” (From Ode I, First… Read more