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Blessing of School ChildrenSunday School Class List

Sunday School Class List

Group 1: Preschool- Carissa Maxwell (928)202-2654, Assisted by Kristi Spreng 602-616-2040

Group 2- Elementary- Isabel Flack (520)461-6495 Assisted by Jesse Blum (928)442-6014

Group 3- Kristen Freedman (928)916-0661 & Raymond Zogob (928)443-0766

Group 4- Ty Freedman (928)848-7824 & Patrick Flack (520)609-7272


Group 1-God Loves Us

  1. Brendan
  2. Steven
  3. Abigail
  4. August
  5. Payton
  6. Andrew


Group 2- Together with God, Loving God

  1. Jonah
  2. Autumn
  3. Nathan
  4. Tristan
  5. Anna Marie
  6. Grace


Group 3-God Calls Us

  1. Josiah
  2. Peter
  3. Olivia
  4. Christian
  5. Sam
  6. Rebecca F.



Group 4- Zines-What do you Stand for?/Community Project

Joe Winters(assistant /helper)

  1. Aiden
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Archanna
  4. Mary F.
  5. Stavi
  6. Brittney
  7. Mary R.
  8. Orin
  9. Rebecca W.
  10. Elizabeth W.

St. George Sunday School Curriculum

  • Group 1- God Loves Us
  • Group 2 –Together With God, Loving God
  • Group 3 – God Calls Us
  • Group 4- You are the Future of The Church/ Community Project


Group 1: Preschool- God Loves Us

This class material focuses on the basic fundamentals of the Orthodox Faith, with a lot of hands on crafts. There will be an emphasis on Bible Stories and Bible Verses for each week.

Group 2: Elementary- Together With God & Loving God

This class material focuses on introducing children to the liturgical life of the church. There is an emphasis on “field trips” into the church to help conceptualize what this means. Again, lots of hands on activities and crafts.

Group 3: God Calls Us

This class material focuses on living the Orthodox Faith, and what that means in reality for each student. Many stories of Saints, and biblical heroes who lived the faith and how we can emulate these heroes.

Group 4: – Zines-What do you Stand for? / Community Project

This class material focuses on doing what God Calls Us to do. The series of Zines,( see attached explanation) and  What do you Stand for is a book that helps students identify what God is telling them their role in the Church and the community going forward is and should be. In January, students will be given a structured platform, from which they will create and execute a project that introduces St. George youth to the Prescott community, reaching a goal that serves an organization’s need and dedicates time and effort to make progress. They will be expected to invent, organize, and manage an event that will be carried out during  Bright Week.


Dear Parents of Sunday School Children,

The first day of classes for our 2014-15 Sunday School year will take place on

Sunday, September 7th. We look forward to welcoming your children to our Sunday School program!

Children will go directly to their classroom to meet their teachers on the first day!

Registration Fees for Sunday School have been waived for the 2014-2015 year. If you would like to

contribute a donation to the Sunday School, please indicate it on your check to the church.

Sunday School begins at 9:15 a.m. every Sunday morning unless otherwise specified.

Please make every effort to have your children at church no later than 9:15!

We are looking forward to a very productive year. We believe that Sunday school is one of the most

important activities for our children.  It gives them a valuable opportunity to become more familiar

with God and His Church, the Holy Sacraments, Tradition and Scripture.

We invite and encourage all parents of students to attend the first class on September 7th, for the first

15 minutes to see what your student will be learning this year. If you have any questions, you can either

approach the teacher after liturgy, or call them during the week.

On behalf of the Sunday School Staff,

Carissa Maxwell, Director


***** Children must be 3 years old by Sept. 1st for Sunday School. Any Children under the age of 3 that would like to attend need to be accompanied by a parent. *****



Parents Names_______________________________________________________________________________


Phone______________________ E-mail_______________________________________________

Name of Child:________________________________________________________________________________


Patron Saint Name:________________________________________________________________________________

ALLERGY ALERT – Do any of your children have food or other allergies or medical condition?



PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for classroom, projects, programs and snacks.

_______ YES, I would like to help, please contact me!


Sunday School Calendar 2014-2015


Sept 7  First day of Sunday School – Children go directly to their classes.

Nov 30  Family Orthros Worship Sunday- No Classes

Dec 20-Saturday- Christmas Craft Family Retreat- (Tenative)

Dec 28 Family Orthros Worship Sunday – No classes



Feb 8- Sunday School Oratorical Festival after Liturgy in the Church

Feb 23 Monday, Great Lent begins

March 1 Sunday of Orthodoxy, Procession of Icons, Classes as usual.

April 4  Saturday of Lazarus Family Retreat

April 5 Palm Sunday, Classes as usual

April 10 Holy Friday Family Retreat

April 12 Easter Sunday, No classes- Group 4 Event  during Bright Week

May 17 Last day of Sunday School

June 15-19 Vacation Church School (Tenative)

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