Drawn to the Orthodox Church

by Anne Lunsford. My Journey to Orthodoxy! I grew up Catholic – went 12 years to Catholic school – even was in the convent for 1 year! Continued being Catholic until I fell away from church completely at age 28! When I turned 40 I came back to God –… Read more

It is a Part of Me

by Presbytera Marisa Frate. I came to Orthodoxy through my husband. Before I get to that let me tell you that the liturgy wasn’t too foreign to me. I was raised Catholic. My parents weren’t really devout, but I found myself at an young age (eight or so) thinking about… Read more

An Oldie But a Goodie

It is said that wine gets better with age. The same can be said for the Orthodox faith which has existed for 2,000 years. This holds true for Randy and Chris Shatto as they came to discover that Orthodoxy is a faith that is as good today as it was… Read more

But Why?

Many a parent has known the challenge of answering the incessant questions of “why?” asked by their young children as their little ones attempt to learn about the world around them. Some questions are easily answered while others have no easy answer. For Doug Loss, his “why” questions about faith… Read more

Life by Way of Death

For many people of faith, life comes by way of death. For Alf Siewers, life in the Orthodox Church came by way of the sad death of his beloved sister who he lost to a fatal illness when he was a teenager. This heart wrenching experience would serve as his… Read more

Listen to Your Mother

In Russian, Matushka means “mother,” and Russia is often referred to as Mother Russia by those for whom it is home. It is a traditionally feminine and maternal personification of a country that has some of the strongest Orthodox roots anywhere within the Church. For Gary Summers, who is not… Read more

Heading East

Although born and raised in the South, Fr. Martin Watt’s path to Orthodoxy would take him East to the ancient faith and the holy priesthood. Born to Methodist and Baptist parents, Fr. Martin was received into the Methodist Church where he became the only person to fail his confirmation class…. Read more

Preacher Says…

Street preachers abound in every city in America. Many can be found on college campuses including Penn State where seminarian, Jesse Dominick, would first come to hear of the true Church. Born and raised an Evangelical Protestant in southern Pennsylvania, Jesse grew up in a very conservative and religious family…. Read more

A Family Affair

For Sean Alexander, faith has always been a family affair. Growing up under the heavy influence of his grandmother and attending a local Methodist Church every Sunday with his family, Sean could never imagine worshipping God without his family. When he married his wife, Hayln, and graduated from college in… Read more

Reaching the Destination

Prior to their marriage in 1996, Dylan and his fiancée Margaret (Meg) Jenkins would begin the long road to Orthodoxy via the meeting of their future brother-in-law, John Oliver. John became a convert after experiencing a life-changing visit to the Valaam Monastery two years before. John was faithful and diligent… Read more