Drawn to the Orthodox Church

by Anne Lunsford.
My Journey to Orthodoxy!
I grew up Catholic – went 12 years to Catholic school – even was in the convent for 1 year!
Continued being Catholic until I fell away from church completely at age 28!
When I turned 40 I came back to God – went back to Catholic Church, and was really involved, but it wasn’t the same. With Vatican II, the spirituality of the church seemed lost.
After 9 years, I was drawn to the Eastern Rite – Byzantine Catholic – and stayed there until we moved up here in 2005!
I had gone to several retreats at St Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in the valley when Fr Gabriel was pastor there and was drawn to the Orthodox Church.
So when Fr Gabriel came up here in 2006 I became Orthodox with Fr Gabriel as my spiritual director!
We were a Mission Church at the Monday Club back then and have been Orthodox ever since!
Glory to God for all things!