Old Ladies and Gold Filigree

I was raised an evangelical christian and lived the evangelical life for almost forty years. I’m an AWANA citation winner and bible college graduate, so I know my Bible. I’m moral and my failings aren’t publicly visible. I didn’t even drink until my mid-thirties. I went on missions trips all… Read more

The Tie That Binds

Alexis Baldwin learned about the binding ties of culture and family from his parents. Having grown up in the culturally rich Mississippi Delta in the northwestern part of the state, the words love thy neighbor were lived out in full measure. With parents who were both from the mid-West and… Read more

Water in a Parched Land

Although grateful for his Protestant upbringing which included living with his family in Austria for a year when he was a child, Dr. Eric Affsprung struggled to find the living water of the true faith in a religious desert he found himself wandering in for most of his adult life…. Read more

Of One Blood, All Nations

It is said that we are all made in the image of God. For Christians of African-American heritage, that statement can sometimes ring hollow as they find themselves feeling ignored and excluded from many faiths including the Orthodox faith. Given the dark skin color that even our Lord was believed… Read more

Caught in The Middle

In Latin, Via Media means “the middle road.” On his journey to Orthodoxy, Father Mark Rowe found himself caught in the middle of the theological road between the Anglican Church, into which he was ordained, and the Orthodox Church whose teachings he would come to embrace as the original plank… Read more

No Day at the Beach

Having grown up in the Evangelical Christian Church, Brigid Gavin’s experience with grace was akin to throwing a towel down on the sand and relaxing with a cool drink.  The ECC taught her that receiving grace was as easy as a simple “I’m sorry” and it was all that was necessary for salvation…. Read more

The Day I Came Home

by Helen Eastman It was late, dark and raining.  I was alone driving.  Tears were streaming down my face such that I had to wipe them away so I could see through the windshield between the slapping of the wipers.  I was on my way home from visiting my first… Read more

God Speaks, Do We Really Listen?

The Early Years… I was born into the Orthodox faith, so you might think it gave me a big advantage.  After all, being a third generation Greek American required no search on my part for a religion.  The language, the Divine Liturgy, the 10 Commandments, the 7 Sacraments, Traditions, Holy… Read more

Next Stop: Orthodoxy

At an age when most children do not know what religion is let alone how to choose one, Elizabeth Markovich was already starting down the path of discovery to the true faith. As a train makes many stops on the way to its final destination, Elizabeth’s journey to Orthodoxy began with her exposure… Read more

A Fireplace for His Fire

As a young man growing up in a Pentecostal church, Fr. Barnabas always knew that he wanted to be a preacher because all of the powerful men he knew were men of the pulpit, and he wanted to be just like them. The church had a profound impact on his life, with… Read more