Caught in The Middle

In Latin, Via Media means “the middle road.” On his journey to Orthodoxy, Father Mark Rowe found himself caught in the middle of the theological road between the Anglican Church, into which he was ordained, and the Orthodox Church whose teachings he would come to embrace as the original plank… Read more

St. Matthew’s to St. Aidan’s

Like so many sojourners to the Orthodox faith, Mary Hoyland grew up as a regular attendee at church. By the time she became an adult, however, the responsibilities of marriage and raising a young family would come to hamper her ability to remain consistent in her church attendance aside from the… Read more

Because that is who He is

Fr. Michael Harry was brought up a Methodist in a small Cornish town with all the trappings that would entail. Sunday school and the Bible, and not room fro anything else. Despite his religious upbringing, or perhaps because of it, he had a rebellious streak, turned away from the faith, and… Read more

Discovering the Sacred

John Brooman’s father was Roman Catholic and his mother was Anglican. But neither were churchgoers, yet he was an altar boy and learned the Catholic faith by a nun who had taken an interest in him. The war years  came and John deiced to volunteer for a five year engagement in the Corps of… Read more

A Process of Slow Evolution

My pilgrimage to the Orthodox Church has lasted seventy-seven years.  It has been a process of slow evolution rather than a quick revolution.  It has been a search for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. My first fifteen years were spent in Methodism, where I learned something of the… Read more

In Search of the Bride

By Hannah Hunt I was raised to love God. Throughout my entire adolescent life, I, along with my three brothers, was immersed in the protestant faith and was diligently raised to live as a godly person. I always knew that God worked directly in my life and was always there… Read more