Listen to Your Mother

In Russian, Matushka means “mother,” and Russia is often referred to as Mother Russia by those for whom it is home. It is a traditionally feminine and maternal personification of a country that has some of the strongest Orthodox roots anywhere within the Church. For Gary Summers, who is not… Read more

Heading East

Although born and raised in the South, Fr. Martin Watt’s path to Orthodoxy would take him East to the ancient faith and the holy priesthood. Born to Methodist and Baptist parents, Fr. Martin was received into the Methodist Church where he became the only person to fail his confirmation class…. Read more

A Service that Engaged all Her Senses

Dot Lombardi’s journey to Orthodoxy spans just over half a century, 52 years to be exact. Having been raised as a Lutheran, Dot’s early Christian influence came from her choir director mom (who inspired Dot’s love of all kinds of church music) and a Congregational dad who was somewhat ambivalent… Read more

Like Stepping Back in Time

Vicki Jones doesn’t think the story of her conversion to Christian Orthodoxy is a particularly entertaining one, but, as any convert knows, conversion to Orthodoxy is a personal journey. The “seed” to search for where we came from and where we belong is God given within each one of us. At some… Read more

Arriving at the Ground Zero of Christianity

When Fr David Wooten talks with people “who knew me when” — during his first twenty years of life as an Evangelical Protestant — He usually is met with a variety of reactions when he tells them that, in the middle of his time at one of the nation’s foremost… Read more

Longing for Something More

Bob Frisby was what he calls, “a lay me down to sleep Christian.” Bedtime prayers and an occasional foray to church were the extent of his religious upbringing. Bob grew up fairly oblivious to what it meant to be a Christian but in the autumn of 1974 Bob’s identical twin… Read more

Why I Left Evangelicalism for Eastern Orthodoxy

Theron Mathis is an unassuming, soft-spoken man in his thirties with a winsome manner and a pleasant smile. His story begins in the buckle of the Bible belt. Both he and his wife grew up in a conservative Baptist churches, his wife’s being Landmarkist in theology (meaning it holds the… Read more

I Knew Right Then, In That Second…

by Trudy Ellmore My family of origin is Roman Catholic, the faith I practiced until I was 18. My love of God was deep and personal. There was never a time in my life when God was not present, even in my earliest memories. Yet, when someone witnessed to me… Read more

The Orthodox Man

As an infant I had been what they call “officially blessed” in the Baptist church of Linköping in front of the congregation. As Baptists the congregants did not believe in any formal baptism of infants. My father, who in his younger years had been trained as an opera singer by… Read more