Drawn to the Orthodox Church

by Anne Lunsford. My Journey to Orthodoxy! I grew up Catholic – went 12 years to Catholic school – even was in the convent for 1 year! Continued being Catholic until I fell away from church completely at age 28! When I turned 40 I came back to God –… Read more

It is a Part of Me

by Presbytera Marisa Frate. I came to Orthodoxy through my husband. Before I get to that let me tell you that the liturgy wasn’t too foreign to me. I was raised Catholic. My parents weren’t really devout, but I found myself at an young age (eight or so) thinking about… Read more

An Oldie But a Goodie

It is said that wine gets better with age. The same can be said for the Orthodox faith which has existed for 2,000 years. This holds true for Randy and Chris Shatto as they came to discover that Orthodoxy is a faith that is as good today as it was… Read more

The Tie That Binds

Alexis Baldwin learned about the binding ties of culture and family from his parents. Having grown up in the culturally rich Mississippi Delta in the northwestern part of the state, the words love thy neighbor were lived out in full measure. With parents who were both from the mid-West and… Read more

No Day at the Beach

Having grown up in the Evangelical Christian Church, Brigid Gavin’s experience with grace was akin to throwing a towel down on the sand and relaxing with a cool drink.  The ECC taught her that receiving grace was as easy as a simple “I’m sorry” and it was all that was necessary for salvation…. Read more

The Day I Came Home

by Helen Eastman It was late, dark and raining.  I was alone driving.  Tears were streaming down my face such that I had to wipe them away so I could see through the windshield between the slapping of the wipers.  I was on my way home from visiting my first… Read more

A Service that Engaged all Her Senses

Dot Lombardi’s journey to Orthodoxy spans just over half a century, 52 years to be exact. Having been raised as a Lutheran, Dot’s early Christian influence came from her choir director mom (who inspired Dot’s love of all kinds of church music) and a Congregational dad who was somewhat ambivalent… Read more

Discovering the Sacred

John Brooman’s father was Roman Catholic and his mother was Anglican. But neither were churchgoers, yet he was an altar boy and learned the Catholic faith by a nun who had taken an interest in him. The war years  came and John deiced to volunteer for a five year engagement in the Corps of… Read more

I Knew Right Then, In That Second…

by Trudy Ellmore My family of origin is Roman Catholic, the faith I practiced until I was 18. My love of God was deep and personal. There was never a time in my life when God was not present, even in my earliest memories. Yet, when someone witnessed to me… Read more

Come To The Water

In earliest childhood my Roman Catholic parents and teachers imparted to me the conviction that life on earth is transient, that death is inevitable, and that we must prepare for God’s judgment. I always believed that there was one true Church, and that belonging to Her was not a light… Read more