But Why?

Many a parent has known the challenge of answering the incessant questions of “why?” asked by their young children as their little ones attempt to learn about the world around them. Some questions are easily answered while others have no easy answer. For Doug Loss, his “why” questions about faith… Read more

Preacher Says…

Street preachers abound in every city in America. Many can be found on college campuses including Penn State where seminarian, Jesse Dominick, would first come to hear of the true Church. Born and raised an Evangelical Protestant in southern Pennsylvania, Jesse grew up in a very conservative and religious family…. Read more

Old Ladies and Gold Filigree

I was raised an evangelical christian and lived the evangelical life for almost forty years. I’m an AWANA citation winner and bible college graduate, so I know my Bible. I’m moral and my failings aren’t publicly visible. I didn’t even drink until my mid-thirties. I went on missions trips all… Read more

A Fireplace for His Fire

As a young man growing up in a Pentecostal church, Fr. Barnabas always knew that he wanted to be a preacher because all of the powerful men he knew were men of the pulpit, and he wanted to be just like them. The church had a profound impact on his life, with… Read more

A Glimpse of a Little Piece of Heaven

Timothy Keefer is chief counsel for civil rights and civil liberties for the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). His journey to Orthodoxy began at the age of 11 when he asked his mother for a “real” book to read. She gave him a copy of Robert Massie’s “Nicholas… Read more

The Early Church Preserved Throughout the Ages

Nerissa McCanmore had been going through a long, tiresome spiritual journey like many many people who’ve been through many denominations before coming to Orthodoxy. she was raised in South Bend, Indiana as a Nazarene, a Holiness sect with the doctrine of total sanctification, but without the extremes of another Holiness sect,… Read more

Arriving at the Ground Zero of Christianity

When Fr David Wooten talks with people “who knew me when” — during his first twenty years of life as an Evangelical Protestant — He usually is met with a variety of reactions when he tells them that, in the middle of his time at one of the nation’s foremost… Read more

The Impossible Became Reality

Molly Sabouorin can feel it coming, the dramatic pause and raised eyebrow at her response to the conversational inquiry about where her and her family attend Church. Especially if this question is a follow-up to the obligatory, “Where did you go to college?’ or “Where did you and your husband… Read more

Discovering the Sacred

John Brooman’s father was Roman Catholic and his mother was Anglican. But neither were churchgoers, yet he was an altar boy and learned the Catholic faith by a nun who had taken an interest in him. The war years  came and John deiced to volunteer for a five year engagement in the Corps of… Read more