But Why?

Many a parent has known the challenge of answering the incessant questions of “why?” asked by their young children as their little ones attempt to learn about the world around them. Some questions are easily answered while others have no easy answer. For Doug Loss, his “why” questions about faith… Read more

Heading East

Although born and raised in the South, Fr. Martin Watt’s path to Orthodoxy would take him East to the ancient faith and the holy priesthood. Born to Methodist and Baptist parents, Fr. Martin was received into the Methodist Church where he became the only person to fail his confirmation class…. Read more

A Family Affair

For Sean Alexander, faith has always been a family affair. Growing up under the heavy influence of his grandmother and attending a local Methodist Church every Sunday with his family, Sean could never imagine worshipping God without his family. When he married his wife, Hayln, and graduated from college in… Read more

When Questions Yield No Answers

This is the story of Alana in answer to the question asked of all converts to the Orthodox faith: how did you become Orthodox? Alana’s story begins in childhood and being raised in a non-denominational home by parents who loved and served God above all else. Having grown up in… Read more

A Process of Slow Evolution

My pilgrimage to the Orthodox Church has lasted seventy-seven years.  It has been a process of slow evolution rather than a quick revolution.  It has been a search for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. My first fifteen years were spent in Methodism, where I learned something of the… Read more