A Fireplace for His Fire

As a young man growing up in a Pentecostal church, Fr. Barnabas always knew that he wanted to be a preacher because all of the powerful men he knew were men of the pulpit, and he wanted to be just like them. The church had a profound impact on his life, with… Read more

A Service that Engaged all Her Senses

Dot Lombardi’s journey to Orthodoxy spans just over half a century, 52 years to be exact. Having been raised as a Lutheran, Dot’s early Christian influence came from her choir director mom (who inspired Dot’s love of all kinds of church music) and a Congregational dad who was somewhat ambivalent… Read more

Arriving at the Ground Zero of Christianity

When Fr David Wooten talks with people “who knew me when” — during his first twenty years of life as an Evangelical Protestant — He usually is met with a variety of reactions when he tells them that, in the middle of his time at one of the nation’s foremost… Read more