Listen to Your Mother

In Russian, Matushka means “mother,” and Russia is often referred to as Mother Russia by those for whom it is home. It is a traditionally feminine and maternal personification of a country that has some of the strongest Orthodox roots anywhere within the Church. For Gary Summers, who is not… Read more

Next Stop: Orthodoxy

At an age when most children do not know what religion is let alone how to choose one, Elizabeth Markovich was already starting down the path of discovery to the true faith. As a train makes many stops on the way to its final destination, Elizabeth’s journey to Orthodoxy began with her exposure… Read more

The Early Church Preserved Throughout the Ages

Nerissa McCanmore had been going through a long, tiresome spiritual journey like many many people who’ve been through many denominations before coming to Orthodoxy. she was raised in South Bend, Indiana as a Nazarene, a Holiness sect with the doctrine of total sanctification, but without the extremes of another Holiness sect,… Read more

In Search of the Bride

By Hannah Hunt I was raised to love God. Throughout my entire adolescent life, I, along with my three brothers, was immersed in the protestant faith and was diligently raised to live as a godly person. I always knew that God worked directly in my life and was always there… Read more

Why I Became An Orthodox Christian

My long pilgrimage to the Mother Church has been completed. As I think back over the long road of this pilgrimage, I become filled with deep emotion. For by the grace of God, I, a stray sheep, have found the lovely bosom of the Good Shepherd, the true body of… Read more