The Early Church Preserved Throughout the Ages

Nerissa McCanmore had been going through a long, tiresome spiritual journey like many many people who’ve been through many denominations before coming to Orthodoxy. she was raised in South Bend, Indiana as a Nazarene, a Holiness sect with the doctrine of total sanctification, but without the extremes of another Holiness sect,… Read more

It Started with an Icon in a Calvinist Seminary

Robert Arakaki grew up unchurched.  He became a Christian in high school through reading the Living Bible. His home church was Kalihi Union Church, that was part of the United Church of Christ. He began to be deeply troubled by the UCC’s liberal theology and wanted to help it return to… Read more

My Conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy

My conversion to Eastern Orthodox Christianity began at a Protestant seminary. While studying at Westminster Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania, a staunchly Calvinistic school, I was deeply troubled by the apparent contradiction between the Calvinist doctrine of the Absolute Sovereign control of God over all things, including human affairs, and the… Read more

Children Paved the Path that Their Parents Followed

Don, Jacque and Ron’s beginnings into Orthodox Christianity started 38 years ago when we first discovered Christ… Don & Jacque Kemper We were living in Reno, Nevada and through our neighbors we began going to an Evangelical Free Church. It was a great Bible teaching church, very small but with… Read more