Feast Of Three Hierarchs Friday – Saturday, Jan 29- 30

The three most great luminaries of the Three-Sun Divinity have illumined all of the world with the rays of doctrines divine and true; they are the sweetly-flowing rivers of wisdom, who with godly knowledge have watered all creation in clear and mighty streams: The great and sacred Basil, and the Theologian, wise Gregory, together with the renowned John, the famed Chrysostom of golden speech. Let us all who love their divinely-wise words come together, honoring them with hymns; for ceaselessly they offer entreaty for us to the Trinity. (Apolytikion, Mode 1)

Dear brothers and sisters,

We will celebrate the feast of the Three Hierarchs  this coming weekend.

  • Friday, 29th, 6 pm – Great Vespers
  • Saturday, 30th, 8 am – Orthros. 9 am – Divine Liturgy

Let us who love their divinely wise words gather to honor them in hymns!

You can learn more about this feast here

With love,

Fr. Jeffrey