Holy Week Schedule April 5th -12th, 2015

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
The schedule for our Holy Week and Pascha Services is as follows:
  • Palm Sunday. 6pm-  Bridegroom Matins
  • Holy Monday. 6pm-  Bridegroom Matins
  • Holy Tuesday. 6pm-  Bridegroom Matins
  • Holy Wednesday. 9am- Presanctified LIturgy; 6pm- Holy Unction 
  • Holy Thursday. 9am- Vesperal Liturgy of the Mystical Supper; 6pm, Service of the Twelve Passion Gospels.
  • Holy Friday. 10am- Decoration of the Funeral Bier (Kovouklion); 4pm- Vespers, Taking down from the Cross; 6:30pm- Service of Lamentations.
  • Holy Saturday. 10am- Vesperal Liturgy; 11pm- Nocturnes; 11:30pm- Resurrection Matins followed by Divine Liturgy. 
  • Pascha Sunday. 12:30pm- Agape Vespers
To learn more about the Bridegroom Services go here: http://lent.goarch.org/bridegroom_services/learn/
Kalo Pascha! (Blessed Pascha!) to you all,
Fr. Jeffrey