Nativity of the Theotokos

“Today the barren gates are opened and the virgin Door of God comes forth. Today grace begins to bear its first fruits, making manifest to the world the Mother of God, through whom things on earth are joined with heaven, for the salvation of our souls.”

Brothers and Sisters,
“Today grace begins to bear its first fruits…”
Humanity was never parted from the good and saving will of God, not even in the midst of our brokeness, in the deepest slump of our fall. Even then, the grace of God was being poured out, and a handful of men and women in every generation were willing to receive it and keep it in hope. In the Nativity of the Virgin we see these hopeful seeds of grace that had been scattered throughout all of the world gathered together into one person, born from a womb that had been judged barren. With God all things are possible!
As Orthodox Christians we have a responsibility to gather together to proclaim boldly and gladly: “Your Nativity O Virgin, has proclaimed joy to the whole universe: for from you has shone forth the Sun of Righteousness, Christ our God.”
In Christ,
Fr. Jeffrey
Vespers: Sun. Sept. 7th 6pm
Orthros and Liturgy: Beginning Mon. at 8am