Paraklesis Services

Dear Brothers and sisters, 

Tomorrow night, beginning at 6pm, we will serve the first of several Paraklesis services which will continue through the first two weeks of August culminating in the feast of the Dormition of our Lady the Theotokos.
I strongly encourage all of you to attend as many of these services as possible. Bring the names of those who are suffering, so that, together, we can ask the intercessions of the Mother of God on their behalf.
We will also offer these services for the sake of those Christians who are currently being persecuted throughout the world, and all those currently suffering the devastating effects of war.
The schedule of Paraklesis services is listed below.
En agape,
Fr. Jeffrey
Paraklesis Schedule August 2014
1) August 1st, 6pm
2) August 6th, 6pm
3) August 8th 6pm
4) August 11th 6pm
5) August 13th 6pm