Welcome Home…What to Expect

Christ is risen!

Now that Arizona’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected order has been lifted, we can begin the process of implementing the Metropolis COVID-19 Parish Reopening Readiness Checklist. The parish council is doing the due diligence necessary to ensure we’re following the Metropolis guidelines, as well as those of the CDC and all state and local regulations.

Before we can gather to worship at the church, there are several steps we need to follow in order to phase in the health and safety processes given to us by the Metropolis. Though it’s been several weeks since we’ve been able to come together at St. George, we ask for your continued patience as we go through each step, which will take some time. This includes formulating a plan for rigorous cleaning and disinfecting, and for how we’ll keep from exceeding a limited capacity during Divine Liturgy.

Ideas for addressing the capacity of our building include removing chairs, adjusting the seating, rotating attendance, and possibly conducting multiple Liturgies. Your ideas are always welcome, as mentioned by Father Jeffrey in his last video announcement, which you can see here.

In addition to Father Jeffrey’s video messages posted on Facebook and YouTube, we will be sending you emails periodically as more details become available. Also take a look at the Metropolis Coronavirus Resource Page. Our goal is to keep you informed about the church reopening and the best practices that will be in place once we are able to gather together again.

We want to thank everyone for the tremendous sacrifices you’ve made by placing the health and safety of us all, especially our most vulnerable members, above personal desires. We are blessed by your sacrificial love! Also, we’d like to thank our Hierarchs who had to make the hard decisions—decisions that were made out of love and respect. Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank Father Jeffrey and all those who served as chanters, altar servers, and tech workers for the livestream during this difficult and unprecedented time.

God willing, we will be together soon, and we look forward to that day! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact anyone on the parish council or Father Jeffrey directly.

Love in Christ,

The Parish Council