Tone 1 Audio Files

Here is the first of the tone one files I will be sending you this week. This is the file for the troparion for the tone which, as we discussed Saturday, is the first setting one should learn in each of the tones. Again, this preliminary cycle through the 8 tones is merely to introduce them and to acquaint your ears to the way the tones sound and how they behave in the services. Subsequent cycles will introduce more nuances of the tones as we learn more of the music together.


Fr. A.

1-05 Tone 1_ While Gabriel Was Stand

This file is for the katabasias we will begin using in orthros in mid-Nov for the Nativity season and the music includes some of the variety the tone is capable of exhibiting. As you listen to the file, keep in mind how the “martyria” of the tone informs the hymn as we discussed on Satuday.

Fr. A.

12 Katavasias Of The Nativity Of Chr