Tone 2 Audio Files

Beloved in the Lord,

Please note the two attached audio files from two of my audio recordings. As I have stated in the Saturday afternoon class, the purpose of this first 8-week run through the Byzantine tonal system is merely to expose your ears to the music of the Orthodox Church. We will begin learning to sing and to apply them in subsequent passes.

For now, please invest some time into simply listening to the tones. Tone two is perhaps the most nuanced of the tones owing to it’s similarity to the 4th tone (in the Greek tradition) and to the flatted “kai” in the scale (in the Antiochian tradition) which makes it very similar to the Antiochian application of the 6th, or plagal 2nd tone. For those of you who are familiar with the “ison” for the tones, the trick to keeping the 2nd tone is to keep the ison firmly planted on the the “dhi” of the scale, about which more later in the classroom.

I will send you another email with two audio files from the Dr. George Bilalis in Greek which files are the “purist” application of the tone I can find. We will discuss the difference between the Greek and Antiochian applications on Saturday. In order to make progress in this endeavor it will be vital for you to invest daily time in listening to these files.

In Christ,

Fr. A.

07 Exapostelarion, Sunday Of Forgive

10 Funeral Hymns – Hymn Two (Tone 2)

These files are from the amazing recording “O Hierarch Nicholas” from the vespers service to the Saint.

Fr. A.

02 O Lord I Have Cried – Tone 2

03 Vespers Stichera (3) – Tone 2