Tone 3 Audio Files

Dear St. George Chanters and Musicians,

Please note the three audio files I have attached for our Tone 3 lesson this Saturday. This tone is one that, like the 4th tone, has 11 different “prosomia” settings or different melodic thoughts. However, unlike tone 4 in which many of the prosomia are but minor variations, tone 3 has a great deal of variety as the three attached files indicate.

And as we discussed last Saturday, the “martyria” of the 3rd tone, based on the Greek “do-re-me” scale (ni-pa-vou-ga-dhi-kai-zo-ni) is as follows; “ga-dhi-kai-dhi-ga-vou-pa-vou-ga” which we will review in depth during our next class. Tone 3 is a favorite of chanters since it is very expressive and capable of a great range of emotions, notably as in the “On this day the Virgin” which, please remember, is the melody that St/ Romanos the Melodist received from the Theotokos herself. So remind me to tell you the story on Saturday.


Fr. A.

1-14 Tone 3_ Awed By The Beauty

1-22 Tone 3_ O Ye Apostles From Afar

1-15 Tone 3_ On This Day The Virgin

Here are some additional audio files for your growing Byzantine Music playlist!

Fr. A.

12 Exaposteilarion_ I See Thy Bridal

10 Kontakion & Troparion – Nativity

03 On This Day The Virgin Cometh (3)
22 Exapostelarion Of The Bridegroom